Thursday, July 16, 2009

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web designing jaipur has a major role in determining the usability and search engine visibility of a website. A web is an online individuality of a company, its products and services in Internet Marketing. The web should be designed in a way to attract more visitors, generate more business leads, promote more sales of company's products and ultimately, help to gain more return on investment. Let’s talk about some general principles that can help a web designer or a programmer improve his sales and customer satisfaction.

1 Allow visitors to navigate through your site in any way they like.

A web designed with poor navigational facilities is less likely to grab visitor’s interest which in turn discourages impulse purchases. A web is different from traditional sales tactics. Thus your web design should not force a visitor to read pages that he or she may not be interested in. It’s a good designing practice to provide a shortcut to the order form for your visitors.

2. Always provide product descriptions with pictures of your product.

A good designing tactic is to provide the visitor with a product page that has a thumbnail picture, a brief description, the price and link to buy every individual product listed on that page. If the brief description on the product page interests the visitors, they can click the link and get a longer description and more information about the product.

3. Place your pricelist in a way visitors can easily check it.

There is no reason of hiding prices or making it difficult for visitors to check your product’s price list. There are websites designed in way with the link to the price list buried deep in the site. Such practices will only make the price page inaccessible from the main page or the product page. If visitors can’t find what they were looking for in a few seconds, they will simply move on to another site. Always remember that your competitor is only a click away.

There are many other designing tips that can be discussed and taken care of while designing a website. These are the few unique of them which are of major importance to drive more traffic and sales for your website.

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